[OPEN LETTER] Gearing up for 2018

Dear all, It had been more than a week since we left 2017 by the time I write this post. Loads of sweet memories, painful conflicts and eye-tearing sad moments we all shared together regardless of religion, race or ethnicity. The departure of 2017 made us self-reflect on all the things that we had done… Read more »

[ACG EVENT OUTING] AniManGaki 2016: 8-bit Frenzy

It seems that Kei-chan had gone all crazy over 8-bit pixels.
Kei-chan must have been playing those 90’s Pokemon game for too much.

[ACG EVENT OUTING] AniManGaki 2015: Ready, Set, GO!

Get your sport suits (and anime titles) ready! Time for Kei-chan to go all sweaty and healthy.

[ACG EVENT OUTING] Comic Fiesta 2012: My First Love

My first ever experience going to Malaysia’s biggest ACG event.

[ACG EVENT OUTING] AniManGaki 2014: Back to Sengoku Era

Time to go back through the pages of Sengoku history… Kei-chan style.

[ACG EVENT OUTING] Kuantan CosWalk 2014

Surprise, surprise – a completely different venue compared to last year.
Now we can unleash the full potential of this event.