[ACG EVENT OUTING] Kuantan CosWalk 2014

Surprise, surprise – a completely different venue compared to last year.
Now we can unleash the full potential of this event.


I love cosplay. Every anime enthusiasts loves cosplay. Most of them had done it and still continue doing it to this day. To me, cosplay make someone look good. Doesn’t matter if that person is thin or fat, white or black whatsoever, cosplay make you feel special. Think of it as our occasional hobby and leisure time.


Oh, are you a newbie here? So as you read that statement, you ask yourself, “What on Earth is cosplay in the first place?
Put it simply, it is a part of Japanese pop culture where a person is dressing up as any certain anime character.
Still don’t understand? No worries, then. I’ll show to you the colourful world of cosplay later.


As for most cosplay enthusiasts, that requires no introduction as you are already familiar with it. You go to any anime events and conventions while portraying yourself as your own favourite character from any particular show. But there is a few people out there thinking, “Yes, anime events are the right place where I can show off my cosplay hobby. But at one point, I would rather wish I wouldn’t break the bank too much. Frequent travelling involves a rather considerable sum of money. What I’ve always been thinking on is an event solely devoted for cosplay and held at the nearby town where I live. In fact, the event venue is so near from my house I would just take a slow and steady walk to there!

Guess what? Judging by the location of my current home, I had found an answer!



Promotional poster sourced from the Kuantan CosWalk 2014 Facebook Event page


Meet Kuantan CosWalk. It is by far the most locally-organized cosplay gathering I’ve ever attended so far and there is a very good reason for that: Kuantan is my current home. To people outside Kuantan, you might never heard of this event. But for most Kuantan cosplayers, it was hardly a surprise. Oh, spoiler alert for that matter! :3


So where is the meeting point for this cosplay event?


Enter Berjaya Megamall Kuantan. Some say this is the most happening shopping complex in Kuantan. But who’s interested in that since you got this on the ground floor stage?




So now you are wondering, how was the event? Well grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee for a while because it’s going to be a bit boring…ish.

For the first three hours starting at 1100 hour, we are waiting for cosplayers to arrive and register for lucky draw (which I did) and coswalk stage showcase (which I didn’t)! After that, another hour spent for introduction of the event  to the public. With that settled, it was time for the first round of on-stage performance from the volunteered cosplayer. Finished with that one, it was time for the registered cosplayer to do their coswalk. Think of it this way – fashion show for cosplayers. After those coswalk-ers had done with their on-stage photography and some souvenir, it was once again for the volunteered cosplayer to go for the second round of on-stage performance. After the performance ended, it was time for a little game of AniSong and anime title… which I show no interest at all! At 1715 hours, it was time for a quick lucky draw. Right after lucky draw, it was time for the finale: A cosplayer-only group photo shoot with the event organisers.

Whew, sorry for making you bored. 😛


Anyway, the truth of the matter is that we have a lot of feel good fun throughout the day. But that’s only half of the story. Remember, this is a cosplay event and that means… you’ve guessed it – photos! That means, loads of people with smartphones, point-and-shoot camera and DSLRs would like to have a photo with a cosplayer who cosplays as their favourite anime character.


Right, where is that newbie guy? Here, I want to show you something.


I think that pretty much sums this little event. Thanks to this little warm up, now I can’t wait to get all geared up for this week’s Animax Carnival Malaysia 2014. That’s it for now and I’ll see you guys again next year.


Photo courtesy of Kuantan CosWalk via Kuantan CosWalk 2014 Facebook Event page

Photo courtesy of Kuantan CosWalk via Kuantan CosWalk 2014 Facebook Event page





Let me tell you little secret. This is NOT the first time I’ve ever heard of this such event. Last year, I had managed to attend their first, inaugural edition of the event held at East Coast Mall… as a visitor. Which means, my job at that time is simply taking photographs of the cosplayers and pose with them! Don’t believe me? Alright then.


For this year however, …


Special thanks to Eternal Muslimah Cosplayer for this photo

Special thanks to Eternal Muslimah Cosplayer for this photo.


I think there is no price for guessing that one! ^_^

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