Animax Carnival Malaysia 2014

At long last, I finally have the chance to experience a weekend with my all-time favourite Japanese anime TV channel. 




This is Animax, a Tokyo-based satellite TV network that specializes in giving you the best content in the world of Japanese anime. Founded back in 1998, it is now available across 62 different countries up to date. In 2004, they launched Animax Asia. Think of it as Animax for the Southeast Asian viewers.


So, you might be wondering why I am suddenly bringing this up?




Welcome to Animax Carnival Malaysia 2014. For those of you who are not familiar with this event, this event – which was organized by Animax Asia with support from the satellite TV service provider Astro – had started out in 2012. For this year’s third edition, it was held inside the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre at Mid Valley Megamall, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.


Now I shall be honest with you. This is actually my first ever outing of this particular event. I had never heard of such event before. So this is quite a new experience to me. Anyway, going to an event organized by my favourite anime channel has already made me jumping in excitement.


So, what’s in store?


I somehow had taken this photo at the very end of the booth. Sorry about that. ^_^


I should apologize for the blurriness of this photo.


Before I am entering the exhibition center, I was given an Animax branded free gift and this little postcard. This card will entitled me to win an anime merchandise which can be redeemed at the very end of the booth, providing that you had successfully passed all the stations above. Now let me explain what are those stations all about.


First up is the dedication corner. It is a pretty straight forward task. Just write your dedication to your loved ones, and that’s about it. Piece of cake really.


Here’s my dedication message: Day 1 on the left and Day 2 on the right


Finished with the dedication, it was the photo corner station where you can have a photo of yourself or with your friends with the given anime background of either Bleach or Fairy Tail. I straightly went to Fairy Tail, although I do admit I did that on Day 2 only.


#ASOT2014 on the playlist. Want to have a guess on what is currently playing on the media player? 😀


After that, it was time for a little game at the Japanese game booths. This booth consists of games that are related to the Japanese culture. In this case, it was the Ninja Challenge, Shageki and Daruma Otoshi. For Ninja Challenge, you have to throw the ball so that it sticks to the given target. For Shageki, you are given a Nerf gun (don’t ask me why!) and all you have to do is try to take down three bowling pin target. For Daruma Otoshi, you have to hit a five-piece daruma doll without letting the pieces fall down during the game.


Ninja Challenge on the left, Shageki on the middle and Daruma Otoshi on the right.


After all the stations had been cleared, …


I somehow had taken this photo at the very end of the booth. Sorry about that. ^_^


… it was now time to go straight to booth #9 and grab some anime merchandise home. Grab any two ball randomly and the person-in-charge will see if your selected number get the treat.

Did I get the treat?

Did I bring home some anime merchandise?




Yes, I had! What’s more, there were not one, but TWO anime file folder of Hunter x Hunter and Beelzebub. But my luck only worked on Day 1. As for Day 2, my luck had ran out as I had grabbed nothing.


But that said, I am enjoying my first ever outing of Animax Carnival Malaysia event. Even angela’s on-stage live performance and the cosplay competition are double thumbs up. But of course, an anime event would not be complete without a crowd of cosplayers showcasing their latest cosplay to the public.


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So, I think that was it for now. Hope to see you again on the next event. ^_^


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