[ACG EVENT OUTING] AniManGaki 2014: Back to Sengoku Era

Time to go back through the pages of Sengoku history… Kei-chan style.


August 9th, 2014. The time on my Blancpain L-Evolution Super Trofeo watch tells me that it’s already 15 minutes past 8 in the morning. Jumping out from my AMG Solarbeam Yellow Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series, I was looking at the two-toned red-and-black thick carpet alongside people rushing around inside Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

Okay, I made that up. I am not wearing any Blancpain watch or driving a front-engined Mercedes-AMG supercar. So, what are the fuses of Blancpain and Mercedes-AMG all about?




Welcome to AniManGaki 2014 (#AMG14). This was another worthwhile event that should not be missed out from your ACG event calendar.


Now at this point, a non-otaku petrolhead would been thinking, “Hang on! I thought there is only one AMG in the world!” Allow me to explain. Unlike Mercedes-Benz AMG which is the three-pointed star’s very own in-house tuning division situated at Affalterbach in Germany, AniManGaki got absolutely nothing to do with German automotive engineering or car tuning industry whatsoever.

Instead, it’s a combination of three words that is commonly familiar to any ACG fans: ANIme, MANga and GAKI. Take the first letter of those three words and there you go: AMG. Oh, and if you’re wondering what is the meaning of GAKI, put it simply… it’s Japanese for ‘brat’.


Before I move on though, there is one thing I want to get straight. This is actually my FIRST ever outing of AniManGaki. I only knew the existence of such event last year. In other words, this would also be a brand new experience to me just like the Animax Carnival Malaysia 2014 event.


Right, that’s enough German supercar and Gaki.


Map and schedule of #AMG14.

Map and schedule of #AMG14.


This is the map and schedule for #AMG14. As you can see, it was packed with loads of activities. Right from stage performances to competitions, exhibition and games, cosplay workshops and even invitational guest specials, everything had been planned out for another extraordinary ACG weekend outing. Alongside the scheduled activities, there will be a lot of exhibits with various exhibitors and doujin booths that promote and sell their self-made products. Furthermore, video games and card games booth are also opens to all gaming and card addicts respectively. But wait! There is one special treat that isn’t mentioned here. More on that later.


But before all of that, …




.. it was now four minutes past nine in the morning and I have been summoned for a quick meeting. Now what I had got to do with this meeting?




I did mentioned about my first ever AniManGaki outing, hadn’t I?
But rather than being a visitor, I had skipped the introduction and straight on became as one of the media representative for #AMG14.


Anyway, back to the meeting. Firstly, we were briefed on the activities. Then, there is a quick Q&A sessions including the do’s and don’ts during an interview session and that special treat. Lastly, that tag. I am instantly in love with that tag. Just look at that cutesy Kei-chan! :3

Meeting’s done, time to go onwards to the back door.


The crowds of #AMG14 Day 1, nine minutes after the entrance door opens. Trust me, I am not lying about that nine minutes mark.

The crowds of #AMG14 Day 1, nine minutes after the entrance door opens. Trust me, I am not lying about that nine minutes mark.


Now at this point, I can go hyperactive all day long by running around inside the convention centre and straight on buying any merchandise that fancies me the most. But I think that it would be best for me to admire the atmosphere, the sensation and the vibe of AniManGaki itself. I want to experience the ambience of what some of my friends had called it as the sister event of  Comic Fiesta. With that in mind, do not expect much coverage on Day 1 except for a business transaction on my anime-styled headphone with Shingeki no Kyojin logo on it.


Created with flickr slideshow.



As for the second day of the event, I am getting really hyped up and had gotten used to the atmosphere of the event. What’s more, the special treat which was mentioned yesterday had already came to live.




At this point, you might be thinking, “Oh, come on. That’s just a few tables with loads of figurines on it. It’s just a very normal sight on any anime related event. What’s so special about it?” 

For once, I do agree with you. But I think that it would be best if you check this video out for a while.


#AMG14 Day 2 Scenes: Figurine Walkthrough [Video]


What are you looking at here is the first ever record attempt on Malaysia’s Largest Toys, Figurines and Collectibles Display. The boffins of AniManGaki are actually trying to have their name written on Malaysia Book Of Records for the record. This was without doubt the best part of #AMG14, at the very least for me. Forget about booths and performances for a while, I had got to look at those vast collection of figurines and collectables.


Apart from that record attempt, there’s another surprise waiting on stage.




Meet stayxxx, one of #AMG14 invitational guests. Hailing all the way from Taiwan, she was one of the most well-known cosplayer in the world. It really was a huge pleasure to have a world-renowned cosplayer to this event. During her timeslot, she was accompanied by #AMG14 official translator (don’t ask me about that one!) answering various questions asked by her loyal fans.


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I’m afraid that was about it for my coverage of the AniManGaki 2014 (#AMG14). As a total newcomer to this event, I am spritefully enjoying this event. What’s more, …


Why don’t you try adding up another 3,500 people – me included – with the total number of last year’s AniManGaki 2013 visitors of 8,000 for me, please? ^_^

Why don’t you try adding up another 3,500 people – me included – with the total number of last year’s AniManGaki 2013 visitors of 8,000 for me, please? ^_^


… with a total of 11,500 attendees recorded for the whole two day event, I hope for something even more exciting for next year’s seventh edition of AniManGaki, the #AMG2015. I hope that there will be even more eye-catching surprise than what the committee had done for #AMG14. That’s it for now and and I shall expect to see you again at #AMG2015. :3


Oh, hang on a minute! Did I forget something important?


Created with flickr slideshow.


Created with flickr slideshow.


Of course, I have not! ^_^

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