[ACG EVENT OUTING] Comic Fiesta 2012: My First Love

My first ever experience going to Malaysia’s biggest ACG event.


December 23rd, 2012. 06:30 AM. It was a very cold morning at the administrative site of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) Gambang Campus. I was joined by several other colleagues and seniors – of which almost all of them are Chinese – standing at the bus stop. Normally, I wouldn’t be standing at a bus stop with my foot shaken to death due to the agonising cold weather. So what am I doing here?


At precisely 13 minutes past 07:00, two university-owned bus arrived at our meeting point. Now you might be guessing, “Hmmm… I bet that you guys are going on a field trip”. Well yes, we are on a field trip. We are about to take a trip to an event located in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). With all of us already seated nicely and comfortably inside the bus, it was time to hit the throttle and get rolling.


After a much relaxing 4 hour trip via East Coast Highway and various Kuala Lumpur roads, we arrived at the main entrance of KLCC. A bit of a walk passing through Aquaria and an escalator to the first floor, we had entered to the front door of the event.


Just a quick snap from my phone on the surroundings of #CF12 Day 2

Just a quick snap from my phone on the surroundings of #CF12 Day 2


Welcome to Comic Fiesta. It was dubbed as the largest ACG-related event ever held in Malaysia. The 2012 edition of Comic Fiesta promises something special as they were celebrating a decade – yes, you read it right. 10 years – of absolute brilliance. But since this is my first ever ACG outing in all of my 19 years of life, I’m more concentrating on blending myself with the surrounding atmosphere. How would I cope with other enthusiasts from another part of the country?


Keeping that question in mind, I quickly went to the waiting queue inside the hall. But when I had stepped in, …




… I just couldn’t believed the sheer number of visitors inside that particular hall. There was however a good reason to back that up. There was actually an ongoing online gaming competition happen at the side of the ticketing counter. If I’m not mistaken, the game is called DoTA, but I’m not having any interest on that whatsoever.

Anyway, enough of that bit. After what literally one hour of queuing, I finally got my hands on the ticket. Just look at it.

It's a paper wristband. ^_^

It’s a paper wristband. ^_^


Once I had strapped on the wristband-styled ticket, it was time for me to roam the entire event hall. The first surprise for me was a booth from a company that had made me started my enthusiasm towards Japanese anime and pop culture.


This is where my first love for Itasha flourished.

This is where my first love for Itasha flourished.


Yes, you’d guessed it. It was no other than Culture Japan. This is their own booth known as Mirai Kopitiam. For your information, Culture Japan was a brand created by a British-born man named Danny Choo – of which I had absolutely no idea that he is the son of the famous shoemaker Datuk Jimmy Choo – and it had brought me to a wider spectrum of Japanese pop culture. Right from figurines to Itasha, Mirai Suenaga to Mirai Millennium, everything was present at the booth. Immediately, I was drawn to this superb looking Honda CR-Z Itasha.

Launched in 2010, Honda claimed that this is the spiritual successor of the 1980’s pocket rocket Honda CR-X. Sound like a bold claim right there. But since this is a hybrid car with the 111 bhp 1.5L four cylinder i-VTEC engine mated to a 14 bhp electric motor, I’m quite struggling to think of it as the modern CR-X. Yes, I do realized that you got a road tax price exemption on hybrid, but I was never really a big fan of hybrids. If money was no object, I woudl easily prefer the Muge-tuned CR-Z a lot more. Better still, I can tune it up all by myself.

Whatever the bold claim thrown at it, I think that would be enough of me being geeky on this Japanese hybrid car. While I’m still staying at Mirai Kopitiam, I had decided to buy something. I just couldn’t stand there without buying any of its merchandise.


Various design of T-shirt, Moekana, carry case and posters. Choices, choices, choices!

Various design of T-shirt, Moekana, carry case and posters.
Choices, choices, choices!


Those are the list of on sale merchandise, and all I need now is some money. For you, it might took minutes, possibly hours to do your selection. I mean, you would be trying to spend your hard-earned money without losing all of it from your beloved wallet.

Me, though? That was just a piece of cake!

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RM 55 for a set of Moekana learning card including the Booster Pack and a promotional price of RM 40 for a purchase of two Culture Japan/Mirai Millennium poster. Add those two monetary number, and you can conclude that I had spent a bit less than RM 100 at Mirai Kopitiam. It really was the case of money that had been well spent.


After the successful transaction, I’ve decided to do what every other enthusiasts did: Photo snapping. For this occasion, I had used my humble Samsung Galaxy Y phone. Despite loads of captures photos, I still managed to have around 25% of the battery juice after nearly nine to ten hours inside the hall.

I think that was it for now. This particular event had sparked my love and my interest for ACG events. Since then, I have been actively keeping an eye on all of the upcoming events held in this country. It really was the classic case of love at first sight. Thank you, Comic Fiesta. You definitely are my first love. <3


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