[ACG EVENT OUTING] AniManGaki 2016: 8-bit Frenzy

It seems that Kei-chan had gone all crazy over 8-bit pixels.
Kei-chan must have been playing those 90’s Pokemon game for too much. 😂

If AniManGaki 2015 had made you gone all sweated up and feel healthy altogether, then the eighth edition of AniManGaki would made you feel nostalgic about the days of old school gaming. Think of AniManGaki 2016 (#AMG2016) as an escapism to the 90’s world of SNES, GameBoy, and those 8-bit pixel games that you always love and/or admire to play such as Pokemon, just to name one.

Let us see what sort of activities lined up in store for #AMG2016.

As usual, there was the AniManGaki Idol singing competition, of which now welcomes non-Malaysian entries for the very first time, and Stage & Band Performances, performed by various acts such as Harmonia ACG, Yume and The Crestfall Band, just to name a few.

#AMG2016 cosplay competition (or Cosplay Px [Pixel] in this case) saw cosplayers batlling out from prizes worth over RM9,000, including the grand prize of free sponsored flight all the way to Sapporo, Japan, courtesy of AirAsia X.

Other notable off-stage activities includes the massively supported Anime Screening (which debuted last year, in collaboration with Crunchyroll), Artline‘s Pixel Perfect contest, and not forgetting the vast arrays of doujin booths alongside hobby and collectibles display to be looked for.

Perhaps, it was no surprise that the crème of the event would be the honoured special guests – an energetic Australian cosplayer and also a world-renowned Japanese violinist.

Photo courtesy of Lark Visuals [Facebook: @LarkVisuals]

Cosplay fans would be delighted to meet this Australian cosplayer by the name of A.K. Wirru, who was well known for his prop making skills and cosplay tutorials. Oh, A.K. stands for Ameno Kitarou by the way.

His achievements includes the Madman National Cosplay Champion in 2010 and 2014, and also a part of Team Australia for World Cosplay Summit 2012.

If those smooth sounding strings of violin really soothed your ear and you’re a big time AniSong fan, then you’re in for a special treat with TAMusic feat. Akira Ryuusei.

Japanese violinist TAM, who began his violin journey on the streets of Akihabara, have been doing various covers of musics from the likes of Touhou alongside various Anime and Video Games titles.

Greatly inspired by the renowned visual novel company named Key, TAM started covering Key’s musical works circa 2003, and later formed his very own doujin circle called TAMusic in 2005. Since then, he has produced many CDs under his TAMusic doujin circle. Soon, he was appointed by Key to provide his musical talent to a number of notable visual novels.

Debuting in 2008, Akai Ryuusei is a pianist, keyboardist, orchestrator, music producer, and piano instructor who started off through Nico Nico Douga. Today, he is one of several members that make up Jazz and Rock ensemble Tokyo Active NEETs, specialising in Touhou, game music and AniSong renditions.

But while Wirru and TAM x Ryuusei were the shining star of #AMG2016, it wasn’t my personal favourite activity.
That honour goes to…

… this one! That’s right, this is Gijinka Cosplay Competition. Welcome to my absolute favourite gem of #AMG2016.

Now for those of you who didn’t really understand the word “gijinka” or never knew what it was all about, here’s a little explanation quoted directly from this page site.

“Gijinka”, in short, is a fan re-design of a subject matter in a human form (i.e. humanisation / personification).

So in other words, we’re looking at the humanized version of something which was not a human being in the first place. Think of it this way: Have you ever wondered on how those frogs from Sergeant Keroro would look like if they were human? You do realize that there was no such thing as humanized military frogs in the first place, right? 😉

I’m afraid that was all the parts of the tentative that I can mentioned about. But before I leave, you might noticed on the lack of scene photos.
Well I’ll tell you why: I had gone a little casual for this year, since I’m having my first ever date with my precious senpai-turned-uke and also doing his Inazuma Eleven (IE) photoshoot with fellow IE cosplayers. Just don’t ask me on how we ended up being together. 😛

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