[OPEN LETTER] Gearing up for 2018

Dear all,

It had been more than a week since we left 2017 by the time I write this post. Loads of sweet memories, painful conflicts and eye-tearing sad moments we all shared together regardless of religion, race or ethnicity. The departure of 2017 made us self-reflect on all the things that we had done to anyone that we either know or not. Who knows, maybe you had hurt your own friend without realize or you had bravely help someone getting out from danger. Whatever it was, we should keep reflect ourselves on what we had done in 2017 and think about how we can keep on improving for another 360 days or so.

As for me, I am now exactly in the mid-20’s. At this moment, I’m only a few weeks away from the end of my internship. That said, I have another month or so to spend on completing my log book and my report before I finished my current studies for good. For once, I am thankful to God for my dad’s suggestion on enrolling myself in my current college. But this left me a little dilemma: Where to go next?

Learn Programming

While I’m considering on a job suitable for my talents, skills and abilities, I cannot control myself from the ongoing spark of my latest deep interest: Programming. You see, I am planning to build an app of this website for everyone regardless of mobile OSes. What to expect from the era where we would do (almost) anything from our own smartphone, and this is what I have in mind. By having this website as an app, I can learn all the things related to app development and indirectly enhance my skills. Not only that, I try to understand the struggle of developers who try absolutely hard so that we can have a stress-free user experience (UX).

Getting serious about blog posts and advertising

Speaking of this website, I got a confession to make. I’m not exactly that active on updating blog posts. I always feel down whenever my parents kind of mocking me, thinking that I’m getting financially nothing from blogging. For once, I want to prove them wrong and show them that it is possible after all to generate income with writing. That is why I’m also launching my advertising initiative. Put it simply, I can let you promote your product(s) or service(s) providing that they are related to this website.

Video production and vodcast

Apart from programming, I have another deep interest that I want to venture: Video production. Ever since I started owning my green Nokia, I cannot stop playing with its PureView technology. I just love the fact that despite its 10 MP camera, it took a much sharper and clearer photo than any of its equally specced rivals. Thanks to this, I decided to get serious with Vimeo. I know YouTube might be a no-brainer choice for most people, but I love to see all those quality productions from various filmmakers and filmographers in Vimeo. Apart from that, I’m also thinking about producing my own Vimeo vodcast series. For once, I want to verbally and visually show my passion and enthusiasm to the world on all the things that I love.

Getting healthy and go travelling

Physically, I’m not a thin person. I admit that I am jealous of my precious love who is actually far thinner than me. Since we share the same interest in and out, for once I’m thinking about losing my weight for real. I know that it won’t be easy for since I can say that I am a bit of a food junkie. That said, I would not give up on myself for the quest of being healthier not just for the sake of my bestie, but also to myself, my family and hopefully my future generation. That said, I have a latent function of getting healthy: Travel. I always want to travel around the world with my love. I always love to learn about the cultures and heritages of other races. So perhaps, getting myself healthy is not a bad idea after all. Healthy minds come from healthy bodies, right?


I guess this is all I can write in this open letter. I realize that I have much more plans and resolutions to write here, but I guess that planning matters, right?

Nevertheless, Happy New Year to you. I hope that you will be having a great and prosperous 2018 ahead. 🙂


Yours faithfully,

Written by FAT8893

I'm just a typical Malaysian petrolhead-cum-cosplayer and also a casual photographer who loves everything about automobile industry (especially cars), Japanese pop culture (mainly Anime & Cosplay), and also Trance music.

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